Parental Rights & Sexuality Education

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Who Will Teach Your Child About Life and Love?

As individuals, parents, and members of society, we all want what is best for our young people.  With respect to sexuality, we would like to protect them from untimely pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.  We would like to help them avoid meaningless sexual relationships and instead, to seek and find a true and lifelong love.

As Catholics, we further believe that our children are a precious gift from God, and that He has entrusted to us, their parents, not only the primary responsibility for providing for their well-being, but also to teach them the spiritual values which will enable them to find fulfillment in life.  These include the values given by God to guide young women and men with respect to sexual love.  We believe that:

  • Human sexuality is meant to reflect the faithful love of God in marriage.
  • Human sexuality is the means by which new life comes into the world.
  • Human beings are made in the image of God, and are to be protected from conception to natural death.

"The right of parents to choose an education in conformity with their religious faith must be absolutely guaranteed"

Blessed John Paul II