Massachusetts Catholic Conference

Deadline now November 12, 2020, for Committee action.

The ROE legislation has been extended for consideration until July 31, 2020, law makers will be considering two proposed bills (HB3320 and SB 1209 ) that, if enacted into law, would have the following devastating effects:

  • • Expand abortion access, including late-term abortions, during the nine months of pregnancy for virtually any reason.
  • • Eliminate the requirement that late-term abortions be performed in a hospital.
  • • Eliminate the requirement that provides medical care to a child who survives an attempted abortion.
  • • Eliminate the requirement that a minor under the age of 18 have the consent of a parent, guardian, or the courts.
  • • Expand state funding for women who cannot afford the procedure.


How can your voice be heard AGAIN?

1) Contact your local Senator and Representative and let them know that you are opposed to these two bills and that you are a voter in their district.

Also encourage your family, friends, and neighbors to take the same action. An address and zip code based link to your two legislators can be found here: 

2) Contact the members of the Joint Committee on Judiciary who will decide the fate of these bills.

Please let the committee members know that you oppose HB 3320 and SB 1209. A link to the committee members can be found here: