Religious Freedom Week

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What is Religious Freedom Week?

Religious Freedom Week (the successor to the Fortnight for Freedom which was held from 2012 - 2017) will be celebrated in dioceses nationwide from June 22 to June 29.  Throughout the week we will focus on the importance of preserving the essential right of religious freedom, both now and in the future, for Catholics and all people of faith.  This year’s theme is “Life and Dignity for All”

The significant feast days during the week (Saints Thomas More and John Fisher – June 22, Saint John the Baptist – June 24, and Saints Peter and Paul – June 29) inspire us to follow the example of these great saints who loved God above all and remained faithful in the face of adversity.

In addition to the resources linked below, please visit to view the “Pray-Reflect-Act” pages for each day on various religious liberty topics, accompanied by daily prayer intentions, focused on the current year's theme.  These excellent resources are intended to inspire us to  learn more about religious liberty from a Catholic perspective, help us to pray about particular issues, and provide us with tools to act on what we learn.

Additional information and parish resources can be found below and at