Cardinal Sean's message to priests on Hyde Amendment






May 27, 2021

Dear Monsignor/Father:


Allow me to ask for your assistance with a matter of the highest priority concerning the protection 

of unborn children. As Pope Francis has shared with us, every child is "a gift that changes the 

history of a family... and this child needs to be welcomed, loved and cared for".


For 45 years, annual passage of the "Hyde Amendment" in federal appropriations bills, by a 

bipartisan coalition of members of Congress has ensured that federal tax dollars are not spent on 

abortions. It is estimated that the "Hyde Amendment" has saved more than 2.4 million unborn 

children since 1976. However, this year, the passage of the "Hyde Amendment" is seriously at risk.


In order that we do all that is possible to protect unborn children, it is critically

important for Catholics to send a strong and united message on behalf of the children and to do so 

before Congress moves forward to authorize taxpayer-funded abortion.


Please appeal to the people of your parish to join our Archdiocesan response to the USCCB's 

nationwide effort during the month of June, when Congress will begin the legislative process. Our 

goal is for millions of Catholics to sign the petition on A brief suggested 

bulletin announcement explaining the campaign can be found below.


The USCCB  has provided  additional  information  and  digital  messaging  tools  about  the Hyde 

Amendment,  for use in  your parishes.   These can be found at: Your outreach  to parishioners concerning the  Hyde Amendment 

 signature campaign  would also be an opportune  time to share  information  about the  services 

offered  by our  Archdiocesan  Pro  Life  Office through the Pregnancy Help and Project Rachel 


With appreciation for your continued support for our efforts to build a culture of life, I remain, 


Devotedly yours in Christ,

Archbisop of Bostinon


SUGGESTED BULLETIN NOTICE: Please consider including this announcement in your parish bulletin and 

other communications: Stop your federal tax dollars from going to abortion.