Mass Catholic Conference

follow up to Bishop Mark’s April 3, 2023, email regarding the “Satancon” convention

Good afternoon,

We want to take this opportunity to provide a follow up to Bishop Mark’s April 3, 2023, email regarding the “Satancon” convention, detailing Cardinal Seán’s plan for a prayerful Archdiocese of Boston response to the upcoming event. The organizers are holding this event in Boston from April 28-30 at the Boston Marriott Copley Place.

Bishop Mark’s April 3rd email can be found by clicking here.

As the Bishop stated, “It is important for the Archdiocese of Boston to have a response as many are disturbed by this; however, our response must be balanced and focused on prayer.”

In the coming days we will upload this information, including any updates to the locations for prayer and adoration, to the Archdiocese of Boston homepage (BostonCatholic.Org). I would expect this information to be posted by this weekend (April 22 & 23).  

Pilot Bulletins [**TIME SENSITIVE**]

There is also updated guidance from Pilot Bulletins pertaining to the Prayer Cards we communicated about last week.

The Secretariat for Evangelization and Discipleship, in collaboration with Pilot Printing is offering a “Pledge to Pray” prayer card to have in your pews for Masses on April 22-23. The card will be available in multiple languages.

Please see the flyer from Pilot Printing by clicking here.

The card asks parishioners to pray a Rosary each day of the three-day convention. They are encouraged to put their name on the lower portion of the card and place it in the offertory basket. The remainder of the card should go home as a reminder to pray on April 28-30. 

If you are interested in using these cards, please order them at, email them at or call Pilot Printing at 617-779-3777 with your order as soon as possible and they will ship them in time for the weekend.

List of sites for prayer and adoration

There will be several sites throughout the Archdiocese where to gather in adoration and prayer All of our Shrines have agreed to be a part of this, and most of our monasteries. Our men and women religious will be invited to more intense prayer during that weekend. In addition, many of our parishes will be open during the three days to prayer for adoration and Masses with this intention.

The list is available by clicking here.

Prayer of Saint Michael

The Prayer of Saint Michael is encouraged to be said during these times.

Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil; May God rebuke him, we humbly pray; And do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host, by the power of God, thrust into hell Satan and all evil spirits who wander through the world for the ruin of souls. Amen.

CatholicTV will be airing the prayer with great frequency during the weekend of April 28-30. A link to the prayer being aired is available by clicking here.

Prayers of the Faithful

We are providing Prayers of the Faithful for the weekend Masses of April 29 & 30 as well as for daily Mass on April 28.

The recommended Prayers of the Faithful are available by clicking here.


  • Our response must be balanced and focused on prayer.
  • We will gather in adoration and prayer.
  • Many of our parishes will be open during the three days for prayer, adoration, and Masses with this intention.
  • Please do not organize or encourage any of your parishioners to go to the event to protest. It will only fuel the hate of those who support it and feed the media with images.
  • Every parish in the Archdiocese is asked to be especially vigilant during the month of April during the distribution of Holy Communion; please ensure that those receiving Holy Communion do so immediately so as to prevent anyone from confiscating that which we hold most precious lest the convention try to desecrate it. 
  • Churches in Boston should be especially vigilant during this weekend to any who try to disrespect our Churches.

Concluding guidance with regards to media and security

Please refer any media inquiries to Terry Donilon at or 617-746-5775. We want to limit giving the organizers of this event the attention they want. Our response is through prayer and adoration.

Regardless of the event, there may be occasions when parishes need to increase their vigilance. When this is the case, please consider the guidelines prepared by the Office of Risk Management. These are available by clicking here.

The shrines, monasteries and Churches that will gather for adoration and prayer should reach out to their local police department and make them aware, request any suggestions they may have and an increase in their “drive-by” frequency and presence.

With regard to the weekend of the Satancon convention, we are not aware of any imminent threat, but in the presence of the “largest satanic gathering in history” we have reason to be vigilant and prepared.

And pray.