Mass Catholic Conference

Cardinal O’Malley – Praying for Lewiston

Hello and welcome,

Our nation, once again, is witnessing a horrific and senseless act of violence with the rampage of deadly shootings in Lewiston, Maine.  We again see innocent people gunned down while living their lives with family and friends.  We again hear calls for thoughts and prayers, and we should.  But that is not enough.  There is a crisis in mental health in our country that, coupled with a crisis in gun violence, leads to a disastrous loss of our humanity.  Today, we pray for the people of Lewiston and the entire State of Maine. We pray for peace, understanding, and support for Lewiston and surrounding communities.  They have experienced great anxiety and fear being on lockdown while a search for the suspect is being carried out, at the same time mourning the loss of family, friends, and neighbors. We ask God to heal those who were injured in the shootings, to bring comfort to the families of those who have experienced tremendous loss, and we give thanks for the courage of our first responders, who put the lives and well-being of others ahead of their own.  We commend to the Lord those who were lost, consoled by the promise of eternal life.