Mass Catholic Conference

About Us

The Massachusetts Catholic Conference (MCC) assists the bishops of the four Roman Catholic Dioceses in the Commonwealth by giving witness to spiritual values in public affairs.  Under the direction of the Archbishop of Boston, and the Bishops of the Dioceses of Fall River, Springfield, and Worcester, the MCC will:

  • Apply Church teaching to any public policies and programs affecting the common good of all Massachusetts residents and the interests of Catholics;
  • Speak for the Roman Catholic Church in Massachusetts before all branches of government and before all groups concerned with social policy:
  • Identify needs in the areas of morality, health, welfare, education, human and civil rights, and determine ways to meet those needs;
  • Foster public understanding of the Church’s teaching on social issues.  

Since 1969, the MCC has served as the official representative of the four Catholic dioceses in the Commonwealth on public policy issues.  The MCC speaks not only to specific legislative proposals and administrative procedures, but reflects also on the major human and social moral issues of the day. 


James Driscoll

James F. Driscoll, Esq., Executive Director

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Kathleen Magno

Kathleen Magno, Office Adminstrator

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