What Parents Can Do

The most African American Father talking to his Teenage soneffective strategies begin at home.  Be clear with your children about your values, expectations and the teachings of your Faith.  Explain to them the hazards of the messages they may receive from the culture, or even from their friends and in the classroom.  The Church is there to assist you with this task.  Consult with local school officials about the content of sexuality education programs.  Find out:

  • What will they teach about abortion?
  • What will they teach about birth control?
  • What will they teach about pre-marital sex and marriage?
  • What will they teach about homosexual behavior?
  • Will they provide students with contact information for "service" providers?

Exempt your child from sexuality courses which violate your values.  Under current Massachusetts law, that is your right.

Contact your elected officials to express your objections to this type of mandatory sexuality education in the public schools and the violation of parents' rights.  Find your Legislator

Insist that discussions of sexuality issues be made part of a separate elective course, and advocate for adoption of the more successful abstinence programs.  Your children deserve the best - Their future depends on it!

If you would like to arrange for a Speaker to come out to your parish regarding the Frameworks. click here.