Partial-Birth and Sex Selection Abortion

Partial-birth Abortion

John Paul states "[That] the acceptance of abortion in the popular mind, in behavior and even in law itself, is a telling sign of an extremely dangerous crisis of the moral sense, which is becoming more and more incapable of distinguishing between good and evil, even when the fundamental right to life is at stake."  As the dignity of every human person is made clear by the Church, so too is the intrinsically illicit act of abortion.  Yet partial-birth abortion is a particularly brutal practice that should be opposed as an affront to the dignity of life at its most vulnerable state. 

Pregnant woman holding booties  belly

MCC Legislative Action

See Testimony in support of sex selection abortion ban, (pdf) September, 2015

See MCC Testimony in support of an Act banning Partial-Birth abortion, (pdf) July 2015.

See MCC Testimony in opposition to An Act relative to consent and counseling, (pdf) June, 2013. 

See MCC Testimony in support of Partial-Birth Abortion Ban and Sex Selection Abortion Ban, (pdf) July 2013.

See MCC Testimony in support of Partial-Birth Abortion Ban, (pdf) October, 2011. 

See coverage of the four Massachusetts Bishops Testimony Against Partial-Birth Abortion, (pdf) May, 2000. 

See Bishop O'Malley's (Fall River) statement on Partial-Birth Abortion, (pdf) April, 2000.  

Sex Selection Abortion

 The Conference has supported legislation which seeks to prohibit a physician from providing an abortion to a woman that is dissatisfied with the gender of the child in her womb. 

MCC Legislative Action

See Testimony on Sex Selection (pdf) Abortion Ban, June, 2011.