Insurance Coverage

Who Needs Care?

Today, nearly 46 million Americans are living without health care coverage, including more than 8 million children; Americas uninsured need care. Most of the uninsured eight out of 10 are in working families; Americas uninsured workers and their families need care.Diverse Generations

The financial security, health, jobs, families and lives of the uninsured are in constant jeopardy. These children, women and men live sicker and die younger simply because they do not have health insurance; those at risk, sick and dying need care.

Individuals and families without health care coverage are forced to gamble every day that they wont get sick or injured. One serious illness or injury could wipe out an uninsured familys bank account; those with financial problems need care.

Yet it doesnt have to be this way. So today we proclaim the call to care in the name of our nations nearly 46 million uninsured people.

MCC Legislative Action


Bishops support legislation (pdf) extending Mass Health to elderly and immigrants, 2004. 

Archbishop O'Malley supports insurance coverage (pdf) for the most vulnerable, 2003. 

MCC supports insurance coverage (pdf) for legal immigrants, 1998.  

Bishops have long history (pdf) of improving access to healthcare, 1996. 

Mass Bishops speak out (pdf) on pending legislation, 1995. 

MCC writes to Legislature (pdf) regarding improving access, 1990. 


Bishops write to Massachusetts Congressional delegation (pdf) in support of Respect for Rights of Conscience Act, October, 2011.