"The personal and reciprocal 'yes' of the man and the woman in marriage makes room for the future, for the authentic humanity of each of them.  At the same time, it is an assent to the gift of new life."

-His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI

Marriage, defined as the union of one man and one woman, is closely tied to the welfare of children, the well-being of the family, and the health of the nation. 

MCC Legislative Action

See Amicus Brief (pdf) joined by the Conference, January, 2011. 

See Testimony on Same-Sex Marriage, (pdf) July, 2009. 

See Bishops' Statement (pdf) against advertisements promoting adultery, November, 2008. 

See MCC Fact Sheet (pdf) on Marriage Residency Law, July, 2008. 

See Bishops' Statement on Repeal of Marriage Residency Requirement, (pdf) July, 2008. 

See Testimony on same-sex marriage legislation, (pdf) March, 2008. 

See Bishops' Statement on Constitutional Convention Vote, (pdf) June, 2007. 

See Bishops' Letter (pdf) to Legislators on Constitutional Convention Vote, June, 2007.

See Bishops' Letter (pdf) to Legislators on Constitutional Convention Vote, May, 2007.   

See MCC Press Release (pdf) on Constitutional Convention Vote, January, 2007. 

See Bishops' Statement (pdf) on SJC Ruling regarding Marriage Amendment, December, 2006. 

See Bishops' Statement (pdf) on failure to vote and recess, November, 2006. 

See Bishops' Statement (pdf) regarding July Constitutional Convention, June, 2006. 

See Cardinal O'Malley's State House Statement, (pdf) June, 2006. 

See Testimony regarding amendment defining marriage, (pdf) April, 2006. 

See Cardinal O'Malley's Letter (pdf) supporting marriage, November, 2005. 

See Bishops' Statement (pdf) supporting marriage petition, June, 2005. 

See Testimony on Marriage Amendment (pdf) Bills, April, 2005. 

See MCC Fact Sheet (pdf) on same-sex mariage, August, 2004. 

See Cardinal O'Malley's Statement (pdf) on Civil Unions, March, 2004. 

See Joint Statement of Religious Leaders (pdf) regarding Marriage Amendment, February, 2004. 

See Marriage in Massachusetts: Crisis and Challenge, (pdf) January, 2004. 

See Bishops' Statement on Marriage Mailer, (pdf) January, 2004. 

See Bishops' Statement on Goodridge ruling, (pdf) November, 2003.

See Responses of Massachusetts Bishops to Goodridge Ruling, (pdf) November, 2003. 

See Bishop Reilly's Testimony (pdf) on same-sex marriage, October, 2003. 

See Cardinal O'Malley's Statement, What's at Stake, (pdf) ctober, 2003. 

See Marriage Question and Answer (pdf) Sheet, April, 2003. 

See Amici Curiae brief (pdf) from MCC filed in Goodridge case, December, 2001. 

See Testimony regarding Domestic Partnerships, (pdf) June, 2001. 

See Testimony regarding Defense of Marriage Legislation, (pdf) May, 2001.  

See Press Release on Goodridge Filing, (pdf) April, 2001.

See Testimony on Domestic Partnerships, (pdf) January, 2000. 

See Testimony on Domestic Partnerships, (pdf) April, 1997. 

See Statement on Benefits for Homosexual Partners, (pdf) 1992. 

See Family: The Key to a Healthy Society, (pdf) 1991.